Increase your Business
with your own TeamSpeak instance

With our TeamSpeak reselling package you can easily resell TeamSpeak servers without having to own your own ATHP license.

No restriction

With your own TeamSpeak instance you can create as many (customer) servers and use as many slots as you want. You also get your own server admin query access.

OVH GAME DDoS Protection

With OVH GAME DDoS Protection, even your server will not go down unintentionally during heavy attacks, so your customers will not be left with outages.

Own firewall

Due to our own firewall rules the TeamSpeak instances can't simply go offline, small attacks usually don't stand a chance.

Order your low cost TeamSpeak instance today.
  • 2.50€ Basic fee
  • 0.12€ Price per slot
  • 100 Slots minimum purchase
  • OVH GAME DDoS Protection
  • Deutschland • OVH
  • Monthly on PostPaid basis
per month

No contract period

Thanks to our postpaid system, you will get your TeamSpeak instance before you have paid. You just have to make sure that your customer account is covered with the necessary amount. The payment is done automatically at the end of the month.

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