Dedicated server,
with all that goes with it!

With customized configurations and the best possible customization options, dedicated servers are the perfect way to start your business.

Dedicated special items

Here you can see our current special items, which are only available once.

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Get dedicated performance today.

And start your business with Skrime, benefit from Unlimited Traffic and unlimited features.

Feature Spotlights

Start with Skrime your project, benefit from unlimited traffic, dedicated performance and limitless possibilities.

Individual server

A dedicated server,
entirely according to your needs, wishes and ideas!

100% performance

Dedicated performance, with no limitations. Take advantage of full processor,
RAM, storage, and Internet performance today.

PrePaid based

Super fast and uncomplicated payment with PrePaid. No awkward bills, credit lines or the like.

Best connection

OVH has long been the leader in providing the best possible protection for dedicated servers. Benefit from unlimited traffic and your own 10 Gbit/s connection - all without restrictions!