OVHcloud Datacenter - Limburg an der Lahn ( close to Frankfurt)

The OVHcloud data center located in Limburg is a very centrally located data center in Germany. The data center is connected with a fast internet connection, so good latencies to customers are the standard. You also benefit from the renowned OVHcloud DDoS protection, which easily fends off even strong DDoS attacks for you; in plain language for you this means that you have almost a 99.98% uptime and you do not have to worry about your services. Even if there is a technical problem, it can be fixed very quickly by the OVHcloud technicians.

OVHcloud Game DDoS Protection

Unfortunately, DDoS attacks are the daily occurrence nowadays. However, even strong DDoS attacks are no problem for OVHcloud DDoS Protection. OVHcloud has its own DDoS protection for this purpose: OVHcloud Game DDoS Protection. This is very well oriented towards games that are installed on your servers (Minecraft*, ...) and voice server such as TeamSpeak are also very well suited for this. In addition, this system detects attacks at an early stage and fends them off without any problems. *Other games are also supported.

*The images are under the copyright of OVHcloud.

The OVHcloud data center in Limburg is based on the highest security standards according to ISO standard 27001, which is renewed every 12 months to ensure that all data is stored on secure servers.

Visitors can only enter this data center with a badge on which their identity is also stored. This means that no stranger can tamper with our data, for example.

In case of malfunctions, the technicians act very quickly and also log every single step, so that if something was forgotten, it can also be corrected quickly and there are hardly any downtimes.

In case of fire, fire alarm systems are installed and maintained every 3 months.

In case of natural disasters, OVHcloud is also perfectly prepared: All buildings are equipped with lightning rods, all server rooms are equipped with liquid cooling systems, so 98% have no air conditioning, preventing technical problems. In addition, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) units are used.